Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New art? I make...new...art?

(click on image for full size sketch)
This is a brand new piece. The ink is still drying on the outline. :P

Just a fun little doodle. In retrospect, I think her head is too big.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Woops...I left you behind baby...dont worry. I still love you.

Iz been a while since I updated...school happend. YAY!

Two caricatures...

This was a random chick in Dima's calculus class. I was doodling. :P

This was of Guy, a guy in my animation class.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

A double treat.

In second year animation we went on a field trip to the Experimental Farm to draw animals. I don't tend to draw animals often (this is my first and only lifedrawing experience with animals), nor have I ever studied animal anatomy. I really don't know how to gauge how good these are. *shrug* Regardless, here they are:

Click on images for larger images.

All drawings done with brush pen and are 1-5 min sketches.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

More Lifedrawing? YOU KNOW IT! - entry 3

And one more from the Gouache Silhouette series:

Why I left the bottom left silhouette on a tilt I will never know. I was tired a lot in those days. :P A lot of stranger things happened.

The two silhouettes on the right were actually students posing fully clothed and not in the nude. There was never a requirement for the students to pose nude...Although, there was this one time that my classmate Aaron decided it would be a good idea to jump up on the platform, lift his shirt, yell "THIS ONE IS FOR YOU ANNE!" (Anne was our lifedrawing teacher, a very proper 50-something lady) and proceeded to tweak his tinny man nipples. Thankfully Anne thought this was very funny and proceeded to giggle like a school girl.

Now back to the silhouettes on the right. These two figures were the first attempts at seeing shadow. We didn't use a direct light source and were stuck with the diffused lighting already present in the room.

This was also one of the few times we actually dealt with drapery (referring to anything made out of fabric that folds). There just wasn't enough time in the two year animation program to go into depth with drapery.

I found that the animation course pretty much prepared us to draw anything rather than focus on drawing specifics of certain things. Obviously, this is a much more valuable skill than being able to focus on one or two things. The phrase "this is how you draw ________" was never used. Instead, a "use as much reference as you can" teaching technique was implemented. Google image search became your friend. There were some assignments where we had to submit our reference with the completed works. I still look up everything and use TONS of reference. If you are a starting out artist, or even an experienced artist that doesn't already do this, USE REFERENCE. Sit down and look at 30 or 40 images of what you are trying to draw. It will improve your mental catalog as well.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

More Lifedrawing? YOU KNOW IT! - entry 2

Sorry about the hiatus. Was off in the land of Toronto partying it up a bit. I am back and ready for more old art posts. :)

Gouache Silhouettes! These were done in less than 2 min.

Ummm...I am tired right now and dont have anything brilliant or insightful to say right now. I will post another page of silhouettes next time...hopefully with something more to say on the matter of gouache silhouettes. :D