Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Massive Update.

Hokey - It has been a while and to be honest I have forgotten about this place until recently. It seems occasionally I DO need a place to send people to check out some of my work. I tend to dump on Facebook and my LJ. I am WAY too lazy to get a website going. Maybe someday. Maybe this summer.

I am going to do a very link heavy update of some of the work I have done in the past while:

First off, Merry Christmas

Second, I did a painting. My first in probably...oh...8 years? For a friend's birthday I made a reproduction of the painting by "Isaac Mendez" of Peter flying (from Heroes). Here is my reproduction:
Finished painting
Close up of Peter
A picture of the painting in progress

Jeff as a Jedi/Samurai (he requested it)


A GIANT needle and a bat on a fishing pole?

A Baby Octi

My Analytical Chemistry Prof

And finally, another doodle.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween

SO...Quick Flicks was awesome! Our team won "People's Choice" and "Best Film." Woot!

And since the film has been officially premiered...I can freely post the film:
In case you don't know, Quick Flicks was a competition where teams were given a camera and 48 hours to make a movie. This was our entry. (Note: Both movies are relatively small to reduce d/l time. If you really want a higher quality version, let me know.)

Guatemala? (Un Film Zombie) off the press, just finished today, the footage from "Ottawa, Zombie Walk, 2007."
A Zombie's Plight



AND...the zombie drawing from my video...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Been a while...

I get lazy about updating art. I also go and enjoy the summer break from school too much to spend time drawing. Well, I am back at school now and have lots of time to sit and doodle.

I am also being lazy about resizing the pictures. Sorry. :) Just left click and view image if you are using a good browser. If not, I am sorry and here are the links:

Nothing more to ya go:


Friday, June 8, 2007

A larger update

HOOOKEY...I will do a bit of a massive update...I just have been ignoring this one for no particular reason. Lets see what I haven't put up here... (For you Facebookers, some of these will be repeats)

First, a present for a Spider-man fan (Col-erase pencil) - It was rough because I haven't done colour in YEARS, let alone try to blend colour pencil. I think the last time I did this was probably High school, so, 6 years ago?

Next, a very stylized chika - the pen work on this is pretty poor because my pen was running out of ink and I inked it while on a bus. >_<

A warm-up sketch. I really want to get some sort of Urban style going...slowly it is getting there.

In anticipation of Pirates 3 I drew a wench:

Most recently I have to offer:

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I do actually have another doodle I did, but instead of posting it now, I am going to repost a comment I made in response to someone who said that the second picture in the last post was one of their favorites (some of this is edited):

The great thing about animation is that it teaches you to adapt to any style. When I am not looking at some sort of reference for a style, I draw from my mind and tend to default to my style. If I want to draw in a style I sit down and look at a bunch of drawings done in that style. Like if I want to do North American comic art, I look at North American comics. If I want to draw in a Manga style, I look at Manga. I find if I look at other art (not copying an image...I DO NOT EVER COPY AN IMAGE. All of my drawings are my own. Every artist borrows styles.) I can adapt to it.

I am constantly saving images and pieces of art that inspire me. If I ever need inspiration, I have a folder to go to. There is stuff from all over. Sometimes it's a photo, sometime its a pattern on a T-shirt.

As my Layout and Design teacher always said: "Play with it. Reference, reference, reference." (I use to joke that I could teach myself by tape recording him saying this and playing it over and over. :P He also was fond of: "Weeelllll, if *I* were you, I would start over." X| He did help my drawing a lot though.)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Two girls

I just finished drawing and scanning these two in. I seem to be jumping between using a mechanical pencil and my beloved col-erase. I don't know why I have been. Really, I should learn to draw with a tablet (although I think this would entail getting something better than my small, old Graphire Wacom). There wouldn't be too much smudging.

Anyways, the drawings:

My line quality isn't spectacular. I have gotten sloppy over the years.

These will probably be the last drawings you see for a while. Exams are coming up soon and I will be immersing myself in all the sciences (chem, physics, bio and calc) instead of tickling my right brain's fancy.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

More sketches...same ol same ol. :)

A few new drawings. School has taken a little lull before the exams. I am being lazy with my studying (though really...I have enough time. :) ) so I was able to churn out a piece:

All Ravers Go to Heaven: Another nod to my old raver ways.