Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Massive Update.

Hokey - It has been a while and to be honest I have forgotten about this place until recently. It seems occasionally I DO need a place to send people to check out some of my work. I tend to dump on Facebook and my LJ. I am WAY too lazy to get a website going. Maybe someday. Maybe this summer.

I am going to do a very link heavy update of some of the work I have done in the past while:

First off, Merry Christmas

Second, I did a painting. My first in probably...oh...8 years? For a friend's birthday I made a reproduction of the painting by "Isaac Mendez" of Peter flying (from Heroes). Here is my reproduction:
Finished painting
Close up of Peter
A picture of the painting in progress

Jeff as a Jedi/Samurai (he requested it)


A GIANT needle and a bat on a fishing pole?

A Baby Octi

My Analytical Chemistry Prof

And finally, another doodle.

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hannibal said...

I'm loving it :) Please don't stop blogging :))