Friday, February 23, 2007

An art contest.

This is an appeal to anyone out there with an University of Ottawa email. I NEED YOUR HELP! I need votes people! Remembered I mentioned that there was a MS paint DNA molecule drawing contest? Well, the voting is open and I am entry number 1.

How to vote:
Write an email to from your UOttawa email account. Make sure to include “Creativity Challenge” in the subject line and which picture you wish to vote for in the message (i.e. entry 1 or entry 2).

They didnt inform me that they were going to be using a caption so I didnt put anything witty. When I realised that they were going to be putting something, I wrote and sent them this:

"Gentlemen, this DNA is not interested. Read her stop codon. Regardless, this RNA think he has a chance with a winner like "Baby...I feeeeel your polarity." C'mon. I heard a protein say that to a curvy lipid just the other day. Think it got him through the hydrophobic core? No way. To really get with a DNA, you have to understand her and read her. Remember that. Just because she only has a few proteins to sequence with doesnt mean she is a simple lady."

So ignore the lame informative sentance.

I doubt I will win because I don't have very many friends at U of O to help me and just a hunch...I could tare apart his work but where would that get me?

Regardless, vote for me and help me win (if you can)!

Thank you.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Raver...all three versions...

The original line work you all remember.

My first coloured version.

And my other coloured version.

I have no clue now which one I like better. :P

Saturday, February 17, 2007

I just had a serious draw-on.

Sometimes its nice to remember I don't just draw like a tard-cake. Sometimes it's nice to remember that sometimes, you hit that zone and that col erase flies across the page like the Artemia swims through water...try taking a fricking picture of one under a microscope...not always easy. Sadly, it took a furry to remind me that I can draw something. Its not perfect (it never is), but its better than a lot of the stuff I feel I have been putting out lately.

I was trying to work on a lab when I ended up going through a ton of art blogs. This one drawing hit me and BAM, I got the courage to pick up a new col-erase and start drawing. In less than an hour I had three sketches that weren't hideous. These are all the drawings I drew so don't think I am hiding some "crappy" ones.

I will post them in order so you can see me get in the groove, then slowly die.

This was my warm-up and IMHO the weakest of the group. Still, there are some things about her that I like.

This one you notice me starting to slow down as I struggle with the left eye. I had to erase it a few times but it's there.

It's sad...while I know if I just had the chance to draw more I could actually become a decent artist, I don't miss the industry right now. I have friends who are at work on a Sat night and have to work 7 days a week. I don't mind doing that but I need to be doing it for a hell of a lot more money. :P

P.S. - I doubt anyone ever reads this blog because no one ever leaves me any comments (those of you who communicate with me on are excused ;) ) but if there are any of you who go to Ottawa U, I will be enlisting you and your email addy to help me win 50$ from a Bio-X MS Paint drawing competition (I think you have to be in sciences to enter - maybe even some Bio related program). I will give you more details when the voting actually takes place (21st-28th of Feb I think) but I WANT MONEY and I wanna win something for once in my life. :P

Monday, February 12, 2007



Click on it for larger image.

A quick note about things to come...

Just a quick note that I am currently working on two "doodles," "pieces," "works," whatevers. One is a coloured version of the raver and the other is my Valentine's Day drawing (I try and do holiday drawings...).

I did one coloured version of the raver that I HATED (you can check it out if you really want. Its on my LJ. I will post the line work, first coloured version and the second coloured version here when I am done the colouring) so I am redoing it. We shall see if it turns out better.

Stupid midterms are getting in the way of my drawing. ;)

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Unn Tss Unn Tss...

I will try to upload my recent sketches here because I am running out of "backlogged" art. :) Unlike my LJ, I will TRY to talk a little bit more about what I am doing. I hope ya'll enjoy.

Ah...ravers. I love them. They are so colourful and cute and I use to be one. :D
I have always been in love with this sort of messy, funky, urban style but never have really been able to pull it off. Probably because I tend to try and pull it out of my head instead of getting reference for the style. :) I hope to get into it a little more. I do like cracked out hands. :P

I like the little boat. I am actually really pleased with the shading with the pen. I haven't ever really done this before. Usually because I am too scared to do it. :)