Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I do actually have another doodle I did, but instead of posting it now, I am going to repost a comment I made in response to someone who said that the second picture in the last post was one of their favorites (some of this is edited):

The great thing about animation is that it teaches you to adapt to any style. When I am not looking at some sort of reference for a style, I draw from my mind and tend to default to my style. If I want to draw in a style I sit down and look at a bunch of drawings done in that style. Like if I want to do North American comic art, I look at North American comics. If I want to draw in a Manga style, I look at Manga. I find if I look at other art (not copying an image...I DO NOT EVER COPY AN IMAGE. All of my drawings are my own. Every artist borrows styles.) I can adapt to it.

I am constantly saving images and pieces of art that inspire me. If I ever need inspiration, I have a folder to go to. There is stuff from all over. Sometimes it's a photo, sometime its a pattern on a T-shirt.

As my Layout and Design teacher always said: "Play with it. Reference, reference, reference." (I use to joke that I could teach myself by tape recording him saying this and playing it over and over. :P He also was fond of: "Weeelllll, if *I* were you, I would start over." X| He did help my drawing a lot though.)

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